• Reliable quality

    The better the quality, the longer the product will last. Before adding a new product, we test the printer ink to ensure the highest output results for the print. We also conduct multiple durability, wash, and wear tests to ensure that our products do not deteriorate over time. We also work with suppliers that produce high quality products that can withstand frequent washing to ensure that the colors of the print remain vivid and the fabric remains soft. Producing products that last longer also means fewer new purchases.
    In addition, each product offers high functionality and comfort for its intended use, such as moisture absorption, vertical and horizontal stretch performance, UV protection, and compressed fabrics.

  • プリント前の商品サンプル
  • Technology to achieve the best possible results

    Since the best way to reproduce the beauty of traditional Kyoto designs is to produce products from fabric that has been fully printed, we use equipment that incorporates the latest technology in the industry, and we manufacture our products through the following two-step process.

    ■Sublimation printing: The design is printed on sublimation transfer paper using special Oeko-Tex™ certified inks, and then the fabric is placed between two sheets of sublimation transfer paper and transferred by a hot press. The heat from the hot press vaporizes the sublimation printing ink, which then permeates the fabric. This process achieves a consistent and vivid print that covers the entire product.

    ■Fabric cutting and sewing: After the design is printed on the fabric, the fabric is precisely cut to fit the product mold and sewn by hand using an industrial sewing machine. This process ensures the high durability of our products.

  • 昇華プリントと縫製
  • Thorough quality checks

    All products are shipped after the following three quality checks

    Design data verification: Graphic data quality is checked by software prior to the printing process, and if necessary, data optimization is performed.

    Printing check: Our production staff checks the print finish and resolves any problems at an early stage.

    Final check: The quality assurance team performs a final check of the overall finish before delivery.

  • 品質チェック